Terrorizing golfers of all skill levels for decades

The home course of the PGA Tour’s “fifth major,” the TPC has been terrorizing golfers of all skill levels for decades.  When discussions of golf course architecture and Pete Dye come up, the TPC is still the first course that comes to mind.  Originally built to challenge tour players at an entirely new level, most pros immediately hated the original, unpredictable, devilish features of the course.  Much to their dismay, the tournament was an instant hit as average players loved tuning in to the TPC to watch tour players struggle, like themselves, and do it in front of a global television audience.  The fresh design features coupled with the strongest global field in golf helped make the TPC a tremendous television success.

Of course, this meant every hack around the world wanted to test his own skills against this great monster.  The planning genius of the PGA Tour in producing a completely new kind of golf challenge, while keeping the course available to the public, created one of golf’s great destinations.  The signature 17th island green may be the most recognizable hole in golf. Strangely it is one of the few “forced carry” holes Pete has built over his career. I could probably count his forced carry holes on one hand. If you pick this destination, rest assured I will not let you hit from the “drop zone” after a wet tee shot on the 17th. You will keep firing from the tee until your ball finds dry land.  Bring plenty of balls just in case.